Let’s Plant Together…..

Hi, I am Priya, I am a mom of 6 years old who works 9-5 but loves plants and taking care of them that I started a balcony garden 6 years back. Initially started with vegetable gardening where I grew Tomato, Ladysfinger, Chilli plants, Ginger, curry leaves, etc. But as we are staying in UAE now, where summers tend to be scorching hot outside it was tough for me to take care of plants on a daily basis. So I thought to switch from outdoor to indoor where I can grow plants that need less maintenance. But….. I have killed a few Aloe Vera’s, Succulents, Peace Lily’s by over watering…. I confess ..and I almost gave up my plans to grow any more plants indoor. As you all might be knowing they are fabulous but needs a lot of care than outdoor plants. When I started growing plants indoor, I wanted to find all the indoor plant care tips in one place. I used to search a lot in Google, YouTube, etc. That’s why I thought of creating this blog to share my tips with like-minded people. I will make sure that I share all the knowledge new or old I have and which I gather from around, and my experience, so that you leave my blog with a solution to your problem….. So let’s begin…….

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