Varieties of Pothos to know and own

Pothos is one of the first houseplants that many start out with as It’s easy to care for and highly versatile, as you can: Grow in hanging pots and it will hang downwards Grow it horizontally on table tops, window,or on shelves. You can grow these plants in low light, but it will truly thrive

wandering jew

Tradescantia Zebrina – Wandering Jew

Wandering Jews are one of the easiest plant to grow both indoor as well as outdoor. It has interesting variegated foliage striped green, white, and gray leaves with purple undersides.Tiny three-petaled lavender-purple flowers appear very infrequently indoors. Grows best in bright indirect sunlight, average room temperatures and moist but well-drained soil.  Reduce watering in the

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