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Homemade Banana Peel Fertilizer – Uses and Benefits
Homemade Banana Peel Fertilizer – Uses and Benefits

Next time when you see a banana peel or eat a banana, don’t throw the peels away. Most of the plant needs a certain amount of macronutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Some plants are more needful of nitrogen, while others might need phosphorus, and some others need a higher level of potassium. Iā€™m going to show you how to make your own banana peel fertilizer. Potassium helps your plants move water and nutrients between cells. It strengthens the stems of your plants and protects them from the disease. It is used to help the flowering process and is thought to be able to improve the quality of the fruit of your plants.

Banana Peels Information and Facts

This is super easy to make.!!!

How to make the liquid fertilizer

Things we need:-

  1. Banana Peels
  2. Water
  3. a 2 Liter Jar or Bottle.

Procedure Fo Making:-

Its smell free-:-)